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EP15B Cavalier Stack Harness

Wiring harness from the stack to terminal block.
EP15B  Cavalier Stack Harness
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Stack to terminal block on the door.  We've seen so many of these corroded during our stack restorations that we thought you might need one too.  This 5 wire harness goes on Cavalier units that have the "Have A Coke" light next to the coin entry bezel or part of the coin entry bezel.

For Cavalier CS-72, CS-96, CSS-80, CSS-64, CSS-96 and just about all the other Cavalier slant shelf machines.  Measures 34.5" long.  If yours is longer - we can make you  a custom one.  Call for details on spo's.

If you have a 4 wire version see EP15C.