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EP20 Solenoid

Bottle release solenoid for Cavalier, Vendo Vendolator VMC- or any bottle stack machine of the 1960s. These are the correct solenoid!
EP20  Solenoid
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Some models:  CS-72 CS-96 CSS-64 CSS-80 CSS-96 CSS-142, V-56 V-63 V-90 V-110 V-117 V-126 V-154 VF-56, VMC-81, VF-117 and more.

Terminals exit the left side just as they did originally!  Not like others where you have to make do stretching the wires.

To test your solenoid:  UNPLUG the machine from the outlet.  Unplug the coin mechanism as well.  You will need a "pigtail" (extension cord without the female side - just bare wires).  This whole test will be easier if you take the stack out of the machine.   Unhook the wires - make sure you know where they go to put them back.  Watch for any springs that are attached.  Then hook your pictail to the solenoid.  Put the plunger in the out position.  Plug in the pigtail and it should retract.  You will need to do this 10 - 12 times.  If it retracts everytime then the solenoid should still be good.  If it doesn't retract with a loud audible clack at any time then it is time to replace it.