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RP49 Lid Stop Grommets

Lid Stop Grommets for Bow-Out Chests.
RP49  Lid Stop Grommets
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Lid Stop Grommets for Bow-Out Chests. These go on the back lid and keep them from hitting each other. Westinghouse WD-5, WD-12, WE-6, WE-10, 10-Case Giant, 6-Case Master, WD-20, WD-22. Also for Cavalier units such as CD-12, CD-20, CD-22, CGD-C, CMD-D, CMD-C, 6- Case Master, 10-Case Giant, 18-Case Giant, CI-10 Giant (Ice).

Not exactly like the originals but pretty close. Sold individually generally 2 or 4 are needed.