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HP25C Vendo Bottle Opener

Bottle opener three hole for Vendo and some Vendorlator (VMC) units.
Unlike other bottle openers these have a CHROME finish!!!
HP25C  Vendo Bottle Opener
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For machines such as V-23 V-39 V-44 V-56 V-77 V-80 V-81 V-83 6-Case Vertical V-110 V-144 VMC-44, VMC-33 3D,  VMC-72 VF-77 VMC-88 VMC-139 VMC-144 VMC-149 VMC-242 VMC-340 WE-6 or other Bow-Outs. This can also be used on Westinghouse WD-10, WH-12T and WH-22T machines.  Don't forget...Victor machines like the C-14, C-18, C-45 and some Selectivend's.

Mounting base thickness - .25"