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HP12C Bow-Out Hinge

Hinge for Westinghouse & some Cavalier Bow-out chest coolers. (For post war chests) such as WE-6, WE-10, WD-12, WD-20, WD-22, CD-12, 6-Case, CD-10, CD-18, CD-20 and I might have model a model.
HP12C  Bow-Out Hinge
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Stainless steel - can be buffed to look like chrome. Measures 6.5in long.  This hinge is for machines that have evenly spaced holes.  If yours are shorter (6-3/8") and have offset holes this hinge is not for your machine and you need HP12CA. Sold individually - you may need more than 1.  Most Cavaliers need 3 hinges.  This will work for most units for the two side hinges.  Note:  These will not work on WD-10 boxes aka 10-Case Masters as they need a 6" hinge and that is HP12F.