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HP20Q Lock & Keys

Lock and keys for Vendo V-59 V-110 V-83 6-Case Vertical main door. Also for Vendorlator VMC-110 VMC 6-Case Verticals.
HP20Q Lock & Keys
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Comes with 2 keys.

If you need to replace the lock and it is locked here's how to do it: 

Bore into the center with a 1/8"  drill bit.  Drill all the way through.  Then go up one size and repeat.  Then go up one more size and repeat again.  You may need to go up in size to 3/8".    You want the cam to fall off the back of the lock.  Once this is done you need go again with an 1/8 to a 3/16" drill bit down at a 45.  Be sure to miss the front of the  handle.  Drill through the body of the lock, no further.   Then you can put in a piece of stiff wire or welding rod and you should be able to depress the plunger.   The handle should pop up and you can pull up on it and open the door.   With the handle in the up position remove the end cap at the bottom of the handle , watch out, don't loose the spring.  Remove the pickle fork that holds the lock in place ( this is located at the back of the front side of the handle) remove with a  pair of needle nose pliers.   Remove lock, cam and other parts pertaining to the lock and discard.  Re-insert the pickle fork, spring and cap.  Now you can use your pinky to open the door until you get a new lock.