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EP14 Bulb

Bulb for sold out lens in Cavalier C-27 C-33 CS-64 CS-72 CS-96 CS-124 Vendo V-80 V-144 VMC-144 VMC-231 VMC-340 Jacobs and so many more.
EP14  Bulb
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This bulb is for so many machines: Cavalier C-27, C-33, CS-64, CS-72, CS-96, CS-124, Vendo V-80, V-144, VMC-144, VMC-142, VMC-190, VMC-231, VMC-242, VMC-244, VMC-340, VMC-302, FL Jacobs 50, Jacobs 26, Choice Vend CV-68, CV-102, CV-136, CV-330, CV-440, Mills 65 and the list keeps going.

Fits any machine that needs a bulb like a night light. NO NOT use a night light bulb from the hardware store you may melt your lens. They generate too much heat too close to the lens.