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RP60A Vibration Isolator WH

Westinghouse Vibration Isolator.

Westinghouse Vibration Isolator. For all Westinghouse unitsĀ  Junior, Standard, Master, Giant, 3 Case, WD-5, WE-6, 6-Case Master, 10-Case Giant, 10-Case Master, WE-10, WD-12, WD-20, WD-22, WC-42T, WC-44, BV-56, WC-96, DU-144, WC-160T, BV-240, and some Vendo V-83s that had the Westinghouse Units.

One per unit keeps the compressor from bouncing on the chassis. It is bolted on the FRONT of the compressor and sits on the chassis plate. On most older machines - pre 1950 we see them rotted away or missing completely. This causes extra noise. (Do you trust the motor mounts on your 1950 or older vehicle?)